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Caleb LLOYD was born 1797 in Ireland. He died 1871. Agnes LEVER, daughter of James LEVER and Mary Ann WIGGINS , was born 26 March 1809 in Bolton-Le Moore, Lancashire, England. She died 1881 in Kagawong, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada.

Children of Caleb LLOYD and Agnes LEVER are:
1. John LLOYD, b. 11 July 1831
2. Mary Lever LLOYD, b. 21 January 1832
3. James Lever LLOYD, b. 23 June 1834
4. Margaret LLOYD, b. 09 February 1835 See Alvary BEECROFT & Margaret LLOYD
5. Eliza Harrison LLOYD, b. 10 May 1840
6. Sophia Ann LLOYD, b. 29 May 1844
7. Hester Ann LLOYD, b. 19 April 1849 See John Irving GRAY & Hester Ann LLOYD

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