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James Henry LAITY, son of John LAITY and Sarah BENNETTS , was born 11 July 1849 in Camborne, Cornwall, England. He died in Maldon, Australia. Ann Mitchell WEARNE was born 1848 in Maldon, Australia.

Children of James Henry LAITY and Ann Mitchell WEARNE are:
1. Amelia Ann LAITY, b. 1873
2. Lilian Mabel LAITY, b. 1874
3. Sarah Gertrude LAITY, b. 1876
4. Joseph Trevarton LAITY, b. 1877
5. John James LAITY, b. 1877
6. Henry LAITY, b. 1880
7. James LAITY, b. 1882
8. Mildred Annie LAITY, b. 1885
9. Olive LAITY, b. 1887
10. Olive Hilda LAITY, b. 1888
11. May LAITY, b. 1891

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