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George Stanley WALLIS, son of Christopher WALLIS and Henrietta Jemima STEVENS , was born 15 April 1888 in North Hill, Victoria, Australia. He married Gladys Marguerite NOBLE 1916 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. He died 07 May 1949 in Rainbow, Victoria, Australia. Gladys Marguerite NOBLE was born 13 November 1889 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. She died 1978 in Rainbow, Victoria, Australia.

Children of George Stanley WALLIS and Gladys Marguerite NOBLE are:
1. Colin Noble WALLIS, b. 04 February 1917 See Colin Noble WALLIS & Living GRAY
2. Ivan Stephens WALLIS, b. 26 September 1918 See Ivan Stephens WALLIS & Marjorie Jean GOULD
3. Stanley Austin WALLIS, b. 11 October 1919 See Stanley Austin WALLIS & Living WISHART
4. Living WALLIS See Living WALLIS & Living VOIGT
5. Living WALLIS See Living WALLIS & Living RYAN
6. Graham Christopher WALLIS, b. 10 April 1927 See Graham Christopher WALLIS & Living BOUND
7. Living WALLIS See Living GILBERT & Living WALLIS

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