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Thomas Alberton BLAKELY was born 1863 in Portlaw. He married Hanna Margaret LEVER 27 September 1887 in Flesherton, Artemesia, Grey Co., Ontario. He died February 1937. Hanna Margaret LEVER, daughter of Roger LEVER and Rebecca HOLLEY , was born 03 November 1861 in Flesherton, Artemesia, Grey Co., Ontario. She died May 1926 in Flesherton, Artemesia, Grey Co., Ontario.

Children of Thomas Alberton BLAKELY and Hanna Margaret LEVER are:
1. Wilfred (Elmo) BLAKELY, b. 19 October 1888 See Wilfred (Elmo) BLAKELY & Mabel ANDERSON
2. Estelle (Myrtle) BLAKELY, b. 21 July 1890
3. Thomas Clifford BLAKELY, b. 16 June 1892 See Thomas Clifford BLAKELY & Mary Janiesa CUMMINGS
4. Clarence Elverton BLAKELY, b. 29 April 1894
5. Aleath Leone BLAKELY, b. 24 May 1896
6. Leeta May BLAKELY, b. 24 May 1896
7. Lillian (Pearl) BLAKELY, b. 06 February 1898 See Harry STAFFORD & Lillian (Pearl) BLAKELY OR Basil WYVILLE & Lillian (Pearl) BLAKELY
8. Florence Marguerite BLAKELY, b. 27 June 1900
9. Living BLAKELY
10. Luella Margaret BLAKELY, b. 30 June 1905 See Phillip GADDY & Luella Margaret BLAKELY

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