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William ROBERTS, son of James ROBERTS and Hannah KNIGHT , was born 1855 in Horton Twp, Renfrew Co., Ontario, Canada. He died 1933. Elida WILEY was born 1863 in Dromore, Tyrone, Ireland. She died 1933.

Children of William ROBERTS and Elida WILEY are:
1. Charles George ROBERTS, b. 1882
2. Charles John ROBERTS, b. 1883 See Charles John ROBERTS & Agnes Mary WENSLEY OR Charles John ROBERTS & Myrtle HUGHES
3. William James ROBERTS, b. 1885 See William James ROBERTS & Edith Beatrice JOHNSTON
4. Minie May ROBERTS, b. 1887 See William WATT & Minie May ROBERTS
5. Ephrain ROBERTS, b. 1890 See Ephrain ROBERTS & Margaret Sarah Dorothy WILEY
6. Martha Jane ROBERTS, b. 1893 See Walter Scott HOBDEN & Martha Jane ROBERTS
7. Thomas Wesley ROBERTS, b. 1895 See Thomas Wesley ROBERTS & Marjory BAKER
8. Arnot Armstrong Knight ROBERTS, b. 1898 See Arnot Armstrong Knight ROBERTS & Margaret BURKE
9. Vera Margaret ROBERTS, b. 1900 See James Franklyn MCCAW & Vera Margaret ROBERTS
10. Cecil Archibald ROBERTS, b. 1903 See Cecil Archibald ROBERTS & Anne CAMPBELL
11. Norman Stanley ROBERTS, b. 1906 See Norman Stanley ROBERTS & Adeline Emily CAMERON

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