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Charles John ROBERTS, son of William ROBERTS and Elida WILEY , was born 1883 in Harburn, Ontario, Canada. He died 1951 in Harburn, Ontario, Canada. Agnes Mary WENSLEY was born 1885 in Guilford, Ontario, Canada. She died 1937.

Children of Charles John ROBERTS and Agnes Mary WENSLEY are:
1. Living ROBERTS See Living CLARE & Living ROBERTS
2. Evelyn ROBERTS, b. 1908
3. Lewis Charles ROBERTS, b. 1909 See Lewis Charles ROBERTS & Living HOBDEN
4. Myrtle ROBERTS See John WATERS & Myrtle ROBERTS
5. Living ROBERTS See William Estyn ROBERTS & Living ROBERTS
6. Living ROBERTS See John Ruddick MITCHELL & Living ROBERTS

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See Charles John ROBERTS & Myrtle HUGHES

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