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George STEWART, son of George STEWART and Mary HOLLAND , was born 1862 in Toronto. He married Cecilia Ann HOLLEY 27 February 1884 in Grey, Grey, Ontario, Canada. Cecilia Ann HOLLEY, daughter of Jacob Henry HOLLEY and Elizabeth MADILL , was born 21 October 1866 in Grey Co., Ontario. She died 08 April 1916 in Markdale, Ontario.

Children of George STEWART and Cecilia Ann HOLLEY are:
1. Albert E. STEWART, b. 1876
2. Frederick George STEWART, b. 1884 See Frederick George STEWART & ?
3. Jacob Hercless "Herk" STEWART, b. 27 March 1887
4. Drurie STEWART, b. 1888 See Drurie STEWART & Pearl GOODMAN

Marriage/Union Events for George STEWART\Cecilia Ann HOLLEY:

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See John TEETER & Cecilia Ann HOLLEY

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Notes for Cecilia Ann HOLLEY:

Sources for Cecilia Ann HOLLEY:

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