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John TEETER, son of Abram TEETER and Alice TEETER , was born 1851 in Erin (Near Orangeville). He married Cecilia Ann HOLLEY 18 August 1891 in Grey, Grey, Ontario, Canada. Cecilia Ann HOLLEY, daughter of Jacob Henry HOLLEY and Elizabeth MADILL , was born 21 October 1866 in Grey Co., Ontario. She died 08 April 1916 in Markdale, Ontario.

Children of John TEETER and Cecilia Ann HOLLEY are:
1. Living TEETER See Living FULLER & Living TEETER
2. Francis Garnet "Frank" TEETER, b. 16 April 1892 See Francis Garnet "Frank" TEETER & Gertude DELLA MCCUTCHEON
3. Living TEETER
4. Aaron Ransom "Rance" TEETER, b. 1899 See Aaron Ransom "Rance" TEETER & N\A
5. Living TEETER

Marriage/Union Events for John TEETER\Cecilia Ann HOLLEY:

Other Marriages/Unions for Cecilia Ann HOLLEY:
See George STEWART & Cecilia Ann HOLLEY

Notes for John TEETER:

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Notes for Cecilia Ann HOLLEY:

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