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Walter Scott HOBDEN was born 1889 in Mountain Lake, Minden, Ontario, Canada. He died 1947. Martha Jane ROBERTS, daughter of William ROBERTS and Elida WILEY , was born 1893 in Harburn, Haliburton, Ontario, Canada. She died 1964.

Children of Walter Scott HOBDEN and Martha Jane ROBERTS are:
1. Lloyd Philip HOBDEN, b. 1914 See Lloyd Philip HOBDEN & Ada Irene COULTER
2. Olive Lydia HOBDEN, b. 1916 See Leslie William MILNE & Olive Lydia HOBDEN
3. Living HOBDEN See Lewis Charles ROBERTS & Living HOBDEN
4. John Milton HOBDEN, b. 1920 See John Milton HOBDEN & Mabel SAWYER OR John Milton HOBDEN & Marjory VROOM OR John Milton HOBDEN & ELIZABETH
5. Alice Jane HOBDEN, b. 1921 See Vincent Michael QUINLAN & Alice Jane HOBDEN
6. Living HOBDEN
7. Living HOBDEN See Living SANFORD & Living HOBDEN OR John Nelson POWELL & Living HOBDEN
8. Living HOBDEN See Robert John MOORE & Living HOBDEN
9. Living HOBDEN See Living HOBDEN & Living SISSON
10. Bernard Scott HOBDEN, b. 1931
11. Living HOBDEN See Living HOBDEN & Living GRAY

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