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Thomas Knight ROBERTS, son of James ROBERTS and Hannah KNIGHT , was born 1871 in Harburn, Ontario, Canada. He died 1954. Martha Edna BOWEN was born 1870 in Ontario, Canada. She died 1939.

Children of Thomas Knight ROBERTS and Martha Edna BOWEN are:
1. Living ROBERTS See Living ROBERTS & Living SAWYERS
2. Stewart Winwood ROBERTS, b. 1898 See Stewart Winwood ROBERTS & Della SMITH
3. Living ROBERTS See Living WEIR & Living ROBERTS
4. Moris Noel Norman ROBERTS, b. 1904 See Moris Noel Norman ROBERTS & Living IRENE OR Moris Noel Norman ROBERTS & Living BRUTON
5. Adelle ROBERTS See Harry KELLETT & Adelle ROBERTS

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