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Abraham WEEKS, son of Solomon WEEKS and Nancy WATERS , was born 1735 in Oyster Bay, Nassau, New York, USA. He married Lamenty LADUE 1755 in Dutchess, New York, USA. He died 1805. Lamenty LADUE was born 1735 in New York, USA. She died in 0yster Bay, Nassau, New York, USA.

Children of Abraham WEEKS and Lamenty LADUE are:
1. Solomon WEEKS, b. 1765 See Solomon WEEKS & Polley MEDLER
2. Mary WEEKS, b. 26 June 1757
3. Rachel WEEKS, b. 08 January 1762
4. James WEEKS, b. 1763
5. David WEEKS, b. 1767
6. Abraham WEEKS

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