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Francis WEEKES, son of Francis WEEKES and Wilmot COFFIN , was born 1616 in Broadword, Devon, England. He married Elizabeth LUTHER 1641 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, USA. He died 22 June 1689 in Gravesend LI, New York, USA. Elizabeth LUTHER, daughter of Rev. Samuel LUTHER and Elizabeth TURNER , was born 1626 in Devon, England. She died 1673 in Oyster Bay, Nassau, New York, USA.

Children of Francis WEEKES and Elizabeth LUTHER are:
1. Daniel WEEKS, b. 1655 See Daniel WEEKS & Mary ALLING OR Daniel WEEKS & Hannah Ann TOWNSEND
2. David WEEKES
3. Abraham WEEKS, b. 1625
4. Thomas WEEKS, b. 1640
5. Samuel WEEKES, b. 1643
6. Captain Joseph WEEKES, b. 1645
7. Elizabeth Betsy WEEKES, b. 31 March 1647
8. Thomas WEEKES, b. 1651
9. James Jacobus WEEKES, b. 1652
10. Elizabeth Ann WEEKES, b. 1659
11. Joseph WEEKS, b. 26 March 1670

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See Francis WEEKES & Mary Elizabeth PRESCOTT

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