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Simon WEEKES, son of William WEEKES and Arminell YEO , was born 1552 in Honeychurch, Devon, England. He died 14 February 1626 in Bideford, Devon, England. Mary STUCLEY, daughter of John STUCLEY and Frances ST. LEGER , was born 1582 in Devon, England. She died 26 October 1632 in Devon, England.

Children of Simon WEEKES and Mary STUCLEY are:
1. Francis WEEKES, b. 1590 See Francis WEEKES & Wilmot COFFIN
2. Mary WEEKES, b. 1592
3. Arminell WEEKES, b. 1594
4. Catherine WEEKES, b. 1596
5. Arabella WEEKES, b. 1598
6. Dudley WEEKES, b. 1602
7. Bridget WEEKES, b. 1603
8. John WEEKES, b. 1606
9. Granville WEEKES, b. 1608
10. George WEEKES, b. 1610

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