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Abraham ALLING, son of John ALLING , was born 1630 in Massachusetts, USA. He married Mary GATCHELL 1670. He died 1711 in Suffolk, Livingston, New York, USA. Mary GATCHELL, daughter of John GETCHELL and WYBRO , was born 1648 in Massachusetts, USA. She died 1697 in Suffolk, Livingston, New York, USA.

Children of Abraham ALLING and Mary GATCHELL are:
1. Mary ALLING, b. 1672 See Daniel WEEKS & Mary ALLING
2. Thomas ALLING, b. 1660
3. Abraham Allen ALLING, b. 1672
4. Susanna ALLING, b. 1682
5. Penelope ALLING, b. 1693
6. Freelove ALLING, b. 700

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