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George William WEEKS, son of Solomon WEEKS and Sarah A. YOUNG , was born 08 March 1840 in Leeds Co., Ontario, Canada. He died 10 January 1903 in Lyndhurst, Ontario, Canada. Mary Elizabeth BEERS was born 24 July 1834 in Briar Hill, Leeds, Ontario, Canada. She died 05 August 1887 in Lyndhurst, Leeds, Ontario, Canada.

Children of George William WEEKS and Mary Elizabeth BEERS are:
1. Mabel WEEKS, b. 21 June 1863 See John Phillip RUSSELL & Mabel WEEKS
2. Susan A WEEKS, b. 22 May 1867 See Amsley Jenkins TYE & Susan A WEEKS
3. Brittanna WEEKS, b. 30 January 1868 See Harry Herman BEVENS & Brittanna WEEKS
4. Bertha Arrebella WEEKS, b. 03 September 1869
5. Mary Jane WEEKS, b. 11 November 1871
6. William Christopher WEEKS, b. 14 December 1874 See William Christopher WEEKS & Deliah TRYON
7. Baby WEEKS, b. 03 June 1877
8. Delilah WEEKS, b. 1880
9. Alfred Allan WEEKS, b. 31 May 1881

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See George William WEEKS & Emma KELSEY

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