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Wayne CONNANT was born 08 April 1883 in Three Oaks, Michigan, USA. He died 27 September 1928 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. Annie Matilda TYE, daughter of Amsley Jenkins TYE and Susan A WEEKS , was born 18 October 1891 in Lansdowne, Leeds, Ontario, Canada. She died 07 November 1974 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Children of Wayne CONNANT and Annie Matilda TYE are:
1. Iona Suzanna CONNANT, b. 27 November 1909 See Walter Mitchell GRAHAM & Iona Suzanna CONNANT
2. Marilla Jane CONNANT, b. 15 December 1910 See Arthur George SMYTHE & Marilla Jane CONNANT
3. Etna Pearl CONNANT, b. 27 December 1918 See Leo CRIETIEN & Etna Pearl CONNANT
4. Azel CONNANT, b. 31 March 1926

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