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Alexander RUSSELL, son of Robert RUSSELL and Elizabeth PRINGLE , was born 17 May 1890 in Edinborough, Scotland. He married Lydia E TYE 17 September 1914 in Delta, Leeds, Ontario, Canada. He died 13 June 1970 in Brockville, Ontario, Canada. Lydia E TYE, daughter of Amsley Jenkins TYE and Susan A WEEKS , was born 22 February 1894 in Lyndhurst, Leeds, Ontario, Canada. She died 16 May 1990 in Brockville, Ontario, Canada.

Children of Alexander RUSSELL and Lydia E TYE are:
1. Raymond RUSSELL, b. 10 October 1915
2. Delbert Alexander RUSSELL, b. 11 December 1916 See Delbert Alexander RUSSELL & Pauline Martha BYERS
3. David RUSSELL, b. 1917
4. Anson Robert RUSSELL, b. 23 September 1920 See Anson Robert RUSSELL & Evelyn Alma GOODFELLOW
5. Helen Doreen RUSSELL, b. 17 February 1929 See Living MARJERRISON & Helen Doreen RUSSELL

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