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John Wellington FITZPATRICK. He married Martha Arune TYE 18 September 1913 in Brockville, Ontario, Canada. Martha Arune TYE, daughter of Amsley Jenkins TYE and Susan A WEEKS , was born 10 February 1896 in Lyndhurst, Leeds, Ontario, Canada. She died 26 April 1975 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Children of John Wellington FITZPATRICK and Martha Arune TYE are:
1. Ralph FITZPATRICK, b. 15 March 1914
2. Harold Raymond FITZPATRICK, b. 27 February 1915 See Harold Raymond FITZPATRICK & Living RANALLI
3. Eldon Howard m FITZPATRICK, b. 24 November 1917
4. Cecil John m FITZPATRICK, b. 03 September 1920
5. Nina May FITZPATRICK, b. 14 March 1928 See Living REID & Nina May FITZPATRICK
6. Ronald FITZPATRICK, b. 10 March 1930

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