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Jim GILBERT was born 20 April 1914 in Lyndhurst, Leeds, Ontario, Canada. He married Birdie Viola CROSS 26 October 1936 in Ontario, Canada. He died 22 August 1993 in Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada. Birdie Viola CROSS, daughter of William Henry CROSS and Susan Elsie TYE , was born 24 December 1918 in Lyndhurst, Leeds, Ontario, Canada. She died 27 November 2000 in Gananoque, Leeds, Ontario, Canada.

Children of Jim GILBERT and Birdie Viola CROSS are:
1. Loreta May Blanche GILBERT, b. 28 January 1937
2. Stanley GILBERT, b. 24 March 1942
3. Bessie Irene GILBERT, b. 29 June 1943

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