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Clark Allen TYE, son of Amsley Jenkins TYE and Susan A WEEKS , was born 12 February 1903 in Lyndhurst, Leeds, Ontario, Canada. He married Mary Elizabeth WEEKS 21 September 1925 in Elgin, Ontario, Canada. He died 30 October 1971 in Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada. Mary Elizabeth WEEKS.

Children of Clark Allen TYE and Mary Elizabeth WEEKS are:
1. Evelyn Graceline TYE, b. 23 February 1926 See Living MCELROY & Evelyn Graceline TYE
2. Allan Amsley TYE, b. 31 March 1927 See Allan Amsley TYE & Living AVERY
3. Archie Christopher TYE, b. 28 September 1928
4. Floyd Borden TYE, b. 05 May 1934
5. Lloyd Gordon TYE, b. 05 May 1934 See Lloyd Gordon TYE & Living GARDINER
6. Buss Collin TYE, b. 11 September 1938 See Buss Collin TYE & Living RUSSELL

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See Clark Allen TYE & Mary Elizabeth WEEKS

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