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George Louis STONEBURG was born March 1841. He married Ann Eliza Fanney WEEKS 11 May 1862 in Ontario, Canada. He died 18 June 1914 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Ann Eliza Fanney WEEKS, daughter of Solomon WEEKS and Sarah A. YOUNG , was born 30 July 1843 in Ontario, Canada. She died 16 May 1920 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Children of George Louis STONEBURG and Ann Eliza Fanney WEEKS are:
1. Sarah STONEBURG, b. 1867 See Robert GRAY & Sarah STONEBURG
2. Louella STONEBURG, b. November 1868 See John HETHERINGTON & Louella STONEBURG
3. Louis Jefferson STONEBURG, b. 25 February 1871 See Louis Jefferson STONEBURG & Sarah Jane DOUGLAS
4. Minnie E. STONEBURG, b. January 1874
5. Emma Leonora STONEBURG, b. 07 April 1875 See Norman M. WILLIAMS & Emma Leonora STONEBURG
6. Evelina Lena STONEBURG, b. 19 April 1878 See William SALTER & Evelina Lena STONEBURG
7. Nellie STONEBURG, b. 02 May 1885

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