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Norman M. WILLIAMS, son of Norman WILLIAMS and Elizabeth ANN , was born December 1868 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He married Emma Leonora STONEBURG 30 June 1892 in Hastings, Sussex, Ontario, Canada. He died 12 October 1925 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA. Emma Leonora STONEBURG, daughter of George Louis STONEBURG and Ann Eliza Fanney WEEKS , was born 07 April 1875 in Hastings, Ontario, Canada. She died 16 April 1925 in Lanark, Ontario, Canada.

Children of Norman M. WILLIAMS and Emma Leonora STONEBURG are:
1. Nettie Eugene WILLIAMS, b. 03 January 1894
2. Olive Maude WILLIAMS, b. 22 January 1896
3. Lillian Beatrice WILLIAMS, b. 12 May 1899

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