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George Gordan LAITY, son of William Henry LAITY and Agnes Ann COMBER , was born 1885 in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. He married Elizabeth Janet CHESHIRE 13 December 1913 in Malvern, Victoria, Australia. He died 30 December 1977 in Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia. Elizabeth Janet CHESHIRE, daughter of William CHESHIRE and Margaret REID , . She died 01 June 1967 in Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia.

Children of George Gordan LAITY and Elizabeth Janet CHESHIRE are:
1. Irma Albertina LAITY, b. 08 April 1915 See Brian Endersby PRENDERGAST & Irma Albertina LAITY
2. Hubert Frank LAITY, b. 27 June 1916 See Hubert Frank LAITY & LAURA
3. George William LAITY, b. 08 May 1918 See George William LAITY & Jean MCKINNEN OR George William LAITY & Jean Meryl BURNS
4. Alan Gordon LAITY, b. 30 March 1924 See Alan Gordon LAITY & JUNE

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