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Ernest Henry LAITY, son of Henry LAITY and Emma PASCOE , was born 1870 in Sebastopol, Victoria, Australia. He married Sarah Earl TIPPETT 1895 in Sebastopol, Victoria, Australia. He died 1930 in South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Sarah Earl TIPPETT, daughter of William TIPPETT and Sarah Jane EARL , was born 17 September 1872 in Talbot, Victoria, Australia. She died 1956 in Albert Park, Victoria, Australia.

Children of Ernest Henry LAITY and Sarah Earl TIPPETT are:
1. Living LAITY
2. Horace William Henry LAITY, b. 1895 See Horace William Henry LAITY & Florence PONSFORD
3. Emma Earl LAITY, b. 1897 See WILSON & Emma Earl LAITY
4. Living LAITY
5. Living LAITY
6. Pearly LAITY, b. 1902
7. Netta LAITY, b. 1904 See Living MCCONCHIE & Netta LAITY
8. Violet Hilda LAITY, b. 1905 See Norman MCCONCHIE & Violet Hilda LAITY
9. Ernest Woolgar LAITY, b. 28 February 1908 See Ernest Woolgar LAITY & Living QUICK

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