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Schweitzer Christian YODER was born 1728 in Switzerland. He married Barbara HOLLY in Pennsylvania, USA. He died 20 November 1815 in Somerset Co., Pennsylvania, USA. Barbara HOLLY, daughter of Johannes HOLLY and Freni Veronica MULLER , was born 17 April 1741 in Switzerland. She died 08 March 1812 in Somerset Co., Pennsylvania, USA.

Children of Schweitzer Christian YODER and Barbara HOLLY are:
1. Yost YODER, b. 1765 See Yost YODER & Magdelena RICKENBACK
2. Jonathon YODER, b. 1766
3. Magdalena YODER, b. 1769 See Henry BLOUGH & Magdalena YODER OR Peter BLOUGH & Magdalena YODER
4. John YODER, b. 08 February 1772 See John YODER & Barbara YODER
5. Lizzie YODER, b. 1774
6. Solomon YODER, b. 25 March 1776 See Solomon YODER & Barbara MILLER
7. Gertrude YODER, b. 1778 See Yost MILLER & Gertrude YODER
8. Jepthra YODER, b. 1780
9. Jeptha YODER, b. December 1780 See Jeptha YODER & Elizabeth ZUG
10. Esther YODER, b. December 1780 See Peter BAUMGARTNER & Esther YODER
11. Henry YODER, b. 1782
12. David YODER, b. 1763 See David YODER & Barbara LIVINGOOD OR David YODER & Jacobina EASH
13. Elizabeth YODER, b. 1774 See Henry BLOUGH & Elizabeth YODER OR John TROYER & Elizabeth YODER

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