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Elias J. MILLER was born 1812. Veronica HOLLEY, daughter of David HOLLEY and Veronica MISCHELER , was born 18 December 1816 in Etobicoke Twp, Ontario, Canada. She died 02 September 1892 in Owens, Indiana, USA.

Children of Elias J. MILLER and Veronica HOLLEY are:
1. William MILLER, b. 1838
2. Sarah MILLER, b. 1840
3. Jacob MILLER, b. 1842
4. Adam MILLER, b. 1844
5. Eli F. MILLER, b. 1845
6. Elizabeth MILLER, b. 1847
7. Isaac MILLER, b. 1849
8. John F. MILLER, b. 1851
9. David MILLER
10. Catherine Jane MILLER

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