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Joseph JOHNSON was born 1818 in Nova Scotia, Canada. He married Mary Ann HOLLEY 03 September 1844 in Holy Trinity Alnglican Church, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. He died 07 March 1874 in York Township, York, Ontario, Canada. Mary Ann HOLLEY, daughter of Joseph HOLLEY and Eve FISHER , was born 24 August 1823 in York Township, York, Ontario, Canada. She died 01 March 1879 in York Township, York, Ontario, Canada.

Children of Joseph JOHNSON and Mary Ann HOLLEY are:
1. William JOHNSON, b. 03 August 1845
2. Isabella Ann JOHNSON, b. 23 May 1858
3. Esther Eve JOHNSON, b. 11 July 1849 See John GRIER & Esther Eve JOHNSON OR Thomas Henry BENTLEY & Esther Eve JOHNSON
4. Mary Jane JOHNSON, b. 07 June 1853 See CAINES & Mary Jane JOHNSON
5. John James JOHNSON, b. 22 November 1855 See John James JOHNSON & ANNABELLE
6. Annie JOHNSON, b. 10 December 1860 See Levi L. COULTER & Annie JOHNSON
7. Elizabeth Amelia JOHNSON, b. 12 May 1863 See Oliver DIXON & Elizabeth Amelia JOHNSON

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