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Daniel TRIMMER, son of Daniel TRIMMER and Elizabeth HOLLEY , was born 1816 in Etobicoke Twp, Ontario, Canada. Jane HIND, daughter of John HIND and Mary TELFORD , .

Children of Daniel TRIMMER and Jane HIND are:
1. Elizabeth TRIMMER, b. 1838
2. John H. TRIMMER, b. 1841
3. Nancy TRIMMER, b. 1841 See John RYAN & Nancy TRIMMER
4. Mary Jane TRIMMER, b. 1842 See John W. PARKS & Mary Jane TRIMMER
5. Sarah Ann TRIMMER, b. 1842 See Peter Conley ADDISON & Sarah Ann TRIMMER
6. David M. TRIMMER, b. 1844 See David M. TRIMMER & SARAH
7. Edward J. TRIMMER, b. 1845
8. Hannah TRIMMER, b. 1847 See William MORRISON & Hannah TRIMMER
9. George G. TRIMMER, b. 1849 See George G. TRIMMER & Mary Jane MANUEL OR George G. TRIMMER & Donna R. PRETTY
10. Joseph TRIMMER, b. 1850 See Joseph TRIMMER & ELIZABETH
11. Rebecca TRIMMER, b. 1852 See John BOYLE & Rebecca TRIMMER
12. Ellen M. TRIMMER, b. 1854 See Zina BOYLE & Ellen M. TRIMMER
13. Thomas Hind TRIMMER, b. 1856 See Thomas Hind TRIMMER & Maggie MANUEL
14. William Foster TRIMMER, b. 1857 See William Foster TRIMMER & Elizabeth Ann DOAN
15. Mary Black TRIMMER, b. 1863 See ADDISON & Mary Black TRIMMER

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