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George GARBUTT, son of George GARBUTT and Elizabeth HOLLEY , was born 06 February 1829 in Etobicoke Twp, Ontario, Canada. He married Hannah CHAPMAN 16 February 1864. Hannah CHAPMAN, daughter of Robert CHAPMAN and ANN , . She died in Etobicoke Twp, Ontario, Canada.

Children of George GARBUTT and Hannah CHAPMAN are:
1. William GARBUTT, b. 1865
2. Annie GARBUTT, b. 1867
3. Henry GARBUTT, b. 1868
4. Clara GARBUTT, b. 1870
5. Laura GARBUTT, b. 25 April 1872
6. Florence GARBUTT, b. 1874
7. Frederick GARBUTT, b. 30 January 1876
8. Alice GARBUTT, b. 27 April 1878

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