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Robert James HOLLEY, son of Thomas HOLLEY and Mary Anne WAISTILL , was born 1854 in York Township, York, Ontario, Canada. He married Ellen THOMPSON 14 October 1874 in St James Anglican Church, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He died 20 July 1900 in York Township, York, Ontario, Canada. Ellen THOMPSON was born 18 April 1854 in Weston, Ontario, Canada. She died 18 December 1907 in Weston, Ontario, Canada.

Children of Robert James HOLLEY and Ellen THOMPSON are:
1. Martha Mabel HOLLEY, b. 1876 See Norman MCKEWON & Martha Mabel HOLLEY
2. Margaret Isabella HOLLEY, b. 27 August 1878
3. Ida Eleanor HOLLEY, b. 27 August 1878
4. Harriet Maud HOLLEY, b. 27 February 1881

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