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John Henry BOOTH, son of James BOOTH and Betsy LAWTON , was born 1864 in Coleshill Heath, Warwickshire, England. He married Louisa Johnson BROWN 21 April 1894 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He died 1934 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Louisa Johnson BROWN, daughter of John GRIER and Esther Eve JOHNSON , was born 31 October 1873 in York Township, York, Ontario, Canada. She died 01 March 1956 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Children of John Henry BOOTH and Louisa Johnson BROWN are:
1. Albert Lambert BOOTH, b. 1895 See Albert Lambert BOOTH & Lylia Victoria FLYNN
2. John James BOOTH, b. 1896 See John James BOOTH & Elizabeth ANDERSON
3. William Henry BOOTH, b. 1900
4. Mary Isobel BOOTH, b. 1900
5. William George BOOTH, b. 1904
6. Mabel Betsy BOOTH, b. 1904
7. Living BOOTH
8. Wilfred BOOTH, b. 1898 See Wilfred BOOTH & Gladys Lillian PARKER
9. Annie Elizabeth Alice BOOTH, b. 23 June 1902 See Clarence Albert TRINDALL & Annie Elizabeth Alice BOOTH
10. Sidney Robert BOOTH, b. 03 November 1907 See Sidney Robert BOOTH & Elizabeth McMinn KERR
11. Charles Harold BOOTH, b. 15 December 1909 See Charles Harold BOOTH & Kathleen Jean WHITE
12. Living BOOTH See Living BOOTH & Simone CASAVANT
13. Living BOOTH See Living BOOTH & Living STREET

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