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Robert William GRIER, son of John GRIER and Esther Eve JOHNSON , was born 06 February 1875 in York Township, York, Ontario, Canada. He married Lavina Jane SCOTT 08 June 1904 in Humbervale, Etobicoke Twp, Ontario, Canada. He died 1962 in Weston, Ontario, Canada. Lavina Jane SCOTT, daughter of John SCOTT and Drucilla CANNING , was born 1882 in Etobicoke Twp, Ontario, Canada. She died 1967 in Weston, Ontario, Canada.

Children of Robert William GRIER and Lavina Jane SCOTT are:
1. Robert Howard GRIER, b. 03 January 1909
2. Dorothy Irene GRIER, b. 12 October 1912 See Gordon ANDERSON & Dorothy Irene GRIER
3. Evelyn GRIER, b. 18 April 1905 See William THOMPSON & Evelyn GRIER

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