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Roy Alfred DIXON, son of Oliver DIXON and Elizabeth Amelia JOHNSON , was born 28 July 1896 in Etobicoke Twp, Ontario, Canada. He married Beatrice Louisa CRUMBIE 20 January 1920 in Weston, Ontario, Canada. He died 29 March 1984 in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. Beatrice Louisa CRUMBIE, daughter of Robert John CRUMBIE and Emily Sarah Amelia AYLING , was born 13 January 1896 in Rogers Road, York Twp, Ontario, Canada. She died 22 April 1991 in Beeton, Ontario, Canada.

Children of Roy Alfred DIXON and Beatrice Louisa CRUMBIE are:
1. Lorna Elizabeth DIXON, b. 10 March 1924 See James Frederick USHER & Lorna Elizabeth DIXON
2. Living DIXON See John Scobie BARCLAY & Living DIXON
3. Eileen Alfreda DIXON, b. [private] See William Henry ARMSTRONG & Eileen Alfreda DIXON OR David Arthur EVANS & Eileen Alfreda DIXON

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