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Alexander Stewart MADILL, son of Alexander L. MADILL and Mary Irene STEWART , was born 20 March 1851 in Artemesia Township, Grey, Ontario, Canada. He died 1935 in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada. Mary MCKEE was born 1853.

Children of Alexander Stewart MADILL and Mary MCKEE are:
1. Eleanor MADILL, b. 1875 See CARRUTHER & Eleanor MADILL
2. Ben MADILL, b. 1876
3. Mary Irene Ann MADILL, b. 1878
4. John MADILL, b. 1880
5. Wellington MADILL, b. 1881
6. Sarah MADILL, b. 1883 See TAYLOR & Sarah MADILL
7. Lilly MADILL, b. 1884
8. Sanule MADILL, b. 1887
9. Living MADILL
10. Edna Matilda MADILL, b. 1889 See Ralph Seaburn WEEKS & Edna Matilda MADILL OR Ralph Seaburn WEEKS & Edna Matilda MADILL

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