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James Adam HOPPS, son of John HOPPS and FANNY , was born 1855 in Ontario. He married Margaret Catherine Agnes HOLLEY 15 March 1877 in Artemesia Twp, Grey, Ontario. He died 20 January 1887 in Flesherton, Ontario. Margaret Catherine Agnes HOLLEY, daughter of Adam HOLLEY and Sarah JONES , was born 26 July 1856 in Vandeleur, Artemesia, Grey Co., Ontario. She died 12 March 1953 in Dundalk, Ontario.

Children of James Adam HOPPS and Margaret Catherine Agnes HOLLEY are:
1. Geneva Agnes HOPPS, b. 27 December 1879
2. James Jones HOPPS, b. 04 August 1882 See James Jones HOPPS & Eva SHIER
3. Adam Wellington HOPPS, b. 16 September 1884 See Adam Wellington HOPPS & Harriet Elizabeth (Hattie) REID
4. Elizabeth May (Ida) HOPPS, b. 02 September 1886 See Clifford E. BOWES & Elizabeth May (Ida) HOPPS OR ? CHAN & Elizabeth May (Ida) HOPPS

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See John Daniel MCLEOD & Margaret Catherine Agnes HOLLEY

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Sources for James Adam HOPPS:

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