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Walter Whalen SCOTT, son of James SCOTT and Susan HOLLEY , was born 29 February 1892 in United States of America. He married Lucy Ruby STONE 27 January 1925 in Ceylon, Ontario. He died 16 March 1970 in Calgary, Alberta. Lucy Ruby STONE was born 15 June 1893 in Artemesia Twp, Grey, Ontario. She died 09 February 1966.

Children of Walter Whalen SCOTT and Lucy Ruby STONE are:
1. Living SCOTT See Living HARRISON & Living SCOTT
2. Living SCOTT See Living MACFARLANE & Living SCOTT
3. Living SCOTT See Living SCOTT & Living HUNTER OR Living SCOTT & Living GUILLOMAUDE
4. Living SCOTT See Living O'BRIEN & Living SCOTT
5. Living SCOTT See Living MACKENZIE & Living SCOTT
6. Living SCOTT See Living NAGY & Living SCOTT

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