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Robert Arthur "Bob" HOLLEY, son of John HOLLEY and Hannah Margaret HARVEY , was born 23 June 1877 in Vandeleur, Ontario. He married Catherine "Kate" NEELY 1907. He died 1944 in Quesnell, BC. Catherine "Kate" NEELY.

Children of Robert Arthur "Bob" HOLLEY and Catherine "Kate" NEELY are:
1. Living HOLLEY See Living JONES & Living HOLLEY
2. Harvey HOLLEY, b. 1909 See Harvey HOLLEY & Leslie FRASER
3. Frederic Arthur HOLLEY, b. 1911 See Frederic Arthur HOLLEY & Elsie CURRIE OR Frederic Arthur HOLLEY & Evelyn NIXON
4. Living HOLLEY See Living HOLLEY & Living KISH
5. Edith HOLLEY, b. 1917 See Alex BRYAN & Edith HOLLEY OR John TURNER & Edith HOLLEY
6. Living HOLLEY See Living BOURNE & Living HOLLEY
7. Living HOLLEY See Living HOLLEY & Living WEPPLER OR Living HOLLEY & Living DOW

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