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Clifford E. BOWES, son of Henry BOWES and Celiiam ELLIS , . He married Elizabeth May (Ida) HOPPS 19 February 1912 in York, Ontario, Canada. Elizabeth May (Ida) HOPPS, daughter of James Adam HOPPS and Margaret Catherine Agnes HOLLEY , was born 02 September 1886 in Artemesia Twp, Grey, Ontario.

Children of Clifford E. BOWES and Elizabeth May (Ida) HOPPS are:
1. Margarite BOWES See Julian CODDINGTON & Margarite BOWES
2. Irene BOWES See Murray CARR & Irene BOWES

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See ? CHAN & Elizabeth May (Ida) HOPPS

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  1. Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1801-1928, Birth date: abt 1889Birth place:Marriage date: 19 Feb 1912Marriage place: York, Ontario, Canada