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William Carl HOLLEY, son of William Henry HOLLEY and Martha Jane THOMPSON , was born 14 January 1913 in Artemesia Twp., Grey Co., Ontario. He married Florence Victoria HARRISON 24 June 1939 in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada. He died 16 January 1957. Florence Victoria HARRISON, daughter of Herbert H. HARRISON and ELIZABETH , .

Children of William Carl HOLLEY and Florence Victoria HARRISON are:
1. Living HOLLEY See Living KNAPP & Living HOLLEY
2. Living HOLLEY See Living HOLLEY & Living MILLER
3. Living HOLLEY See Living MILLER & Living HOLLEY
4. Living HOLLEY See Living HOLLEY & Living ?
5. Living HOLLEY See Living ZETTLER & Living HOLLEY OR Living SHAY & Living HOLLEY
6. Living HOLLEY

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