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Benjamin Vessey WARD, son of Henry WARD and Sarah Ann COCKING , . He married Evelyn Verena NESBITT 15 November 1923 in Calgary, Alberta. Evelyn Verena NESBITT, daughter of Thomas Andrew NESBITT and Sarah Eliza Ida HOLLEY , was born 03 April 1901 in Markdale, Ontario. She died 05 October 1987 in Abbotsford, BC.

Children of Benjamin Vessey WARD and Evelyn Verena NESBITT are:
1. Howard John WARD (CAMP), b. 29 December 1919 See Howard John WARD (CAMP) & Ellen HOUSTON
2. Living WARD See Living WARD & Living SHAPKA
3. Living WARD See Living WARD & Living VAUGHAN
4. Living WARD See Living WARD & Living SUTERA
5. Living WARD See Living KINNEY & Living WARD

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Other Marriages/Unions for Evelyn Verena NESBITT:
See John Lassiter CAMP & Evelyn Verena NESBITT OR George Birkett SMITH & Evelyn Verena NESBITT OR Lester Sherriff ADAMS & Evelyn Verena NESBITT

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