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Heman Jefferson WEEKS, son of Heman James WEEKS and Annie ROBERTS , was born 13 January 1889 in Dudley, Haliburton, Ontario Canada. He married Ellen HARGREAVES 31 August 1910 in Steelton, Ontario, Canada. He died 1971 in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada. Ellen HARGREAVES, daughter of Charles HARGREAVES and Sarah BAKER , .

Children of Heman Jefferson WEEKS and Ellen HARGREAVES are:
1. Living WEEKS See Living WEEKS & Pearl MASON
2. Eldridge WEEKS, b. 01 March 1915 See Eldridge WEEKS & Living CARTER
3. Helen Doreen WEEKS, b. 26 October 1920 See Living MACDOWELL & Helen Doreen WEEKS
4. Seaburn WEEKS, b. 19 July 1911 See Seaburn WEEKS & Margaret PEARCE

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See Heman Jefferson WEEKS & Louise DEVOE

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