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James ROBERTS, son of William ROBERTS and Rebecca ARMSTRONG , was born 16 August 1822 in Qu�bec, Quebec, Canada. He died 16 March 1903 in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada. Hannah KNIGHT, daughter of Thomas KNIGHT and Mary SAUNDERS , was born 10 May 1836 in Horton Twp, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada. She died 07 December 1923 in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada.

Children of James ROBERTS and Hannah KNIGHT are:
1. William ROBERTS, b. 1855 See William ROBERTS & Elida WILEY
2. Thomas Knight ROBERTS, b. 1871 See Thomas Knight ROBERTS & Martha Edna BOWEN
3. Archibald ROBERTS, b. 1875 See Archibald ROBERTS & Emeline DEAN
4. Isaac Alexander ROBERTS, b. 1880 See Isaac Alexander ROBERTS & Lenore WOODCOCK
5. Florence McLean ROBERTS, b. 1869 See Joseph ROBERTS & Florence McLean ROBERTS
7. Mary Ruth ROBERTS, b. 1860 See Thomas Alexander ROBERTS & Mary Ruth ROBERTS
8. Charles George ROBERTS, b. 1863 See Charles George ROBERTS & Margaret Glover GILLIS
9. James ROBERTS, b. 1864
10. Annie ROBERTS, b. 25 March 1866 See Heman James WEEKS & Annie ROBERTS

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See James ROBERTS & Elizabeth GEORGE

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