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Matthew (Mathias) LAITY, son of Mathias LAITY and Eleanor THOMAS , was born abt. 1746 in Breage, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. He married Mary ROWE 17 October 1772 in Crowan, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. Mary ROWE was born 1740 in Helston, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom.

Children of Matthew (Mathias) LAITY and Mary ROWE are:
1. Mary LAITY, b. 1779
2. Grace LAITY, b. 1794 See Thomas HODGE & Grace LAITY
3. Matthew LAITY, b. 21 January 1766 See Matthew LAITY & Grace CLIFTON

Marriage/Union Events for Matthew (Mathias) LAITY\Mary ROWE:

Other Marriages/Unions for Matthew (Mathias) LAITY:
See Matthew (Mathias) LAITY & Bridget REYNOLDS

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Also known as: Matthew

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