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?, Korringa

?, Mt. Forest





Adam Kurtz Family Cem

After 1910

Alberta, Athabasca

Alberta, Calgary

Alberta, Craigmyle

Alberta, Delia

Alberta, Fairview

Alberta, High River

Alberta, Nanton

Alberta, Okatoks

Alberta, Three Hills

Arkansas, Arkansas, again listed as a widower. With son Henry and third wife Laura./Chester

Arkansas, Arkansas, Chester

Arkansas, Crittenden, By himself and listed as a widower. Date and birth place correct./Old River Twp

Artemesia Township

Atlantic Ocean

Australia (later Bendigo), Sandhurst, St Pauls Cathedral

Australia, Canberra

Australia, Frye

Australia, Maldon, German Reef

Australia, Maldon

Australia, Melbourne, Raymond

Australia, Melbourne, Registry Office

Australia, New South Wales, Sydney

Australia, New South Wales, Wagga Wagga

Australia, Queensland, Brisbane

Australia, Queensland, Buderim

Australia, Queensland, Hamilton

Australia, Queensland, Noosa Heads

Australia, Queensland, Stanhope

Australia, Queensland, Wynnum

Australia, Queensland

Australia, South Australia, Finniss

Australia, South Australia, Long Gully

Australia, South Australia, Mount Rat

Australia, South Australia, Port Augusta

Australia, Stawell, Band of Hope Claim at Deep Lead

Australia, Victoria, Albert Park

Australia, Victoria, Anglesea

Australia, Victoria, Ararat

Australia, Victoria, Avoca

Australia, Victoria, Ballarat

Australia, Victoria, Bealiva

Australia, Victoria, Beaufort

Australia, Victoria, Bendigo

Australia, Victoria, Box Hill

Australia, Victoria, Brighton Cemetery

Australia, Victoria, Broadmeadows

Australia, Victoria, Camperdown

Australia, Victoria, Carisbrook

Australia, Victoria, Carlton

Australia, Victoria, Caulfield

Australia, Victoria, Cavendish

Australia, Victoria, Clunes

Australia, Victoria, Cobden

Australia, Victoria, Colac

Australia, Victoria, Daylesford

Australia, Victoria, Dimboola

Australia, Victoria, Eaglehawk

Australia, Victoria, Echuca

Australia, Victoria, Elstrernwick

Australia, Victoria, Essendon

Australia, Victoria, Ferntree Gully

Australia, Victoria, Footscray

Australia, Victoria, Frankson

Australia, Victoria, Frankston

Australia, Victoria, Geelong

Australia, Victoria, Hamilton

Australia, Victoria, Hastings

Australia, Victoria, Healesville

Australia, Victoria, Heathcote

Australia, Victoria, Heidelberg

Australia, Victoria, Horsham

Australia, Victoria, Jeparit

Australia, Victoria, Kaniva

Australia, Victoria, Kew

Australia, Victoria, Lake Hindmarsh

Australia, Victoria, Landsborough

Australia, Victoria, Learmonth

Australia, Victoria, Lorquon, Lake Hindmarsh

Australia, Victoria, Lorquon

Australia, Victoria, Mailors Flat

Australia, Victoria, Maldon

Australia, Victoria, Malvern

Australia, Victoria, McKinnen

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne, Glenhuntly

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne

Australia, Victoria, Mildura

Australia, Victoria, Modewarre

Australia, Victoria, Mornington

Australia, Victoria, Mount Eliza

Australia, Victoria, Mt. Korong

Australia, Victoria, Murr

Australia, Victoria, Murrayville

Australia, Victoria, Nhill

Australia, Victoria, Ni Ni

Australia, Victoria, North Hill

Australia, Victoria, Park

Australia, Victoria, Parkdale

Australia, Victoria, Parkville

Australia, Victoria, Piggoreet

Australia, Victoria, Point Lonsdale

Australia, Victoria, Preston

Australia, Victoria, Rainbow

Australia, Victoria, Ringwood

Australia, Victoria, Ruther Glen

Australia, Victoria, Rye

Australia, Victoria, Sale

Australia, Victoria, Scarsdale

Australia, Victoria, Sebastopol

Australia, Victoria, South Melbourne

Australia, Victoria, St Kilda

Australia, Victoria, Talbot

Australia, Victoria, Tullyvea

Australia, Victoria, Warracknabeal

Australia, Victoria, Warrnambool

Australia, Victoria, Waterloo

Australia, Victoria, West Essendon

Australia, Victoria, Whirily

Australia, Victoria, White Hills

Australia, Victoria, Willenabrina

Australia, Victoria, Williamstown

Australia, Victoria, Winchelsea

Australia, Victoria, Woorak

Australia, Victoria


Australlia, Victoria, East Malvorn

Australlia, Victoria, Sandhurst

B.C, New Westminster

B.C, North Vancouver

BC, Abbotsford

BC, Burnaby

BC, Campbell River

BC, Dawson Creek

BC, Hornby Island

BC, Kamloops

BC, Langley

BC, New Westminster

BC, Quesnell

BC, Vancouver

BC, White Rock



before 1909

Bendigo Cemetery



Caledon East Public Cemetery (includes Brown's Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery

Caledon East

California, Bakersfield

California, Concord

California, Contra Costa


Camborne, Treswithian Cemetery


Canada to United States

Canada West

Canada, Alberta, Calgary, 26 West of The 4th M, 25, 24, 23, 34 Inclusive in Ranges 22, 33, Townships 32

Canada, Alberta, Camrose

Canada, Alberta, Delburne

Canada, Alberta, Edmonton, Evergreen Memorial Gardens

Canada, Alberta, Edmonton

Canada, Alberta, Lacombe

Canada, BC, Texada Island, Vananda

Canada, BC, Vancouver, Mountain View Cemetary

Canada, BC, Vancouver

Canada, British Columbia, Rossland

Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver

Canada, British Columbia, Vernon

Canada, British Columbia, Victoria

Canada, British Columbia

Canada, Canada West (Ontario), Addington County

Canada, Canada West (Ontario), Grey County, Artemesia

Canada, Canada West (Ontario), Leeds County

Canada, Canada West (Ontario), Ontario County, Uxbridge

Canada, Canada West (Ontario), Peel County, Albion

Canada, Canada West (Ontario), Prince Edward County, Hillier

Canada, Canada West, Bruce, Southampton

Canada, Canada West, Grey, Artemesia Twp

Canada, Canada West, Grey, Osprey

Canada, Canada West, Leeds

Canada, Canada West, Lennox and Addington

Canada, Canada West, Prince Edward, Hilier

Canada, Canada West, Wellington, Garafraxa

Canada, Manitoba, Brandon

Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg

Canada, New Brunswick, Gladwyn

Canada, New Brunswick, Miramachi

Canada, �New Brunswick, Saint John

Canada, New Brunswick, St John

Canada, New Brunswick, St Stephen

Canada, Nova Scotia

Canada, Ontario, , Bolton

Canada, Ontario, , Gray

Canada, Ontario, , Grey

Canada, Ontario, , Leeds

Canada, Ontario, /Cardwell, 1846-7, Brown's Toronto City and Home District Directory

Canada, Ontario, 1904 aged 84 years)/Peel, Brown's Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery (Jane Kearns died Jan. 12

Canada, Ontario, Addington, Bedford

Canada, Ontario, Addington, Ernestown

Canada, Ontario, Addington

Canada, Ontario, Ajax

Canada, Ontario, Algoma District, Gaseutons Twp

Canada, Ontario, Algoma District

Canada, Ontario, Algoma West

Canada, Ontario, Algoma, Algoma District

Canada, Ontario, Algoma, Bidwell and Sheguiandah

Canada, Ontario, Algoma, Carnarvon

Canada, Ontario, Algoma, Spanish River

Canada, Ontario, Algoma

Canada, Ontario, Alliston

Canada, Ontario, Alton, Aalton Cemetery

Canada, Ontario, Amherst Island

Canada, Ontario, Aspiden, Anglican Church Cemetery

Canada, Ontario, Athens

Canada, Ontario, Ballantrae

Canada, Ontario, Barrie

Canada, Ontario, Bedford

Canada, Ontario, Beeton, Simcoe County Home

Canada, Ontario, Beeton

Canada, Ontario, Bolton, Laurel Hill Cemetery

Canada, Ontario, Bond Head, Bond Head Cemetery

Canada, Ontario, Bond Head, Bond Head United Church

Canada, Ontario, Bond Head

Canada, Ontario, Boskung Lake

Canada, Ontario, Bradford

Canada, Ontario, Brampton

Canada, Ontario, Brantford, Greenwood Cemetery

Canada, Ontario, Brantford

Canada, Ontario, Brock

Canada, Ontario, Brockville

Canada, Ontario, Brown's Toronto City and Home District Directory/Cardwell

Canada, Ontario, Bruce County, Kincardine

Canada, Ontario, Canada or Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, York, York Township

Canada, Ontario, Cardwell

Canada, Ontario, Carleton, Ottawa

Canada, Ontario, Chatham

Canada, Ontario, Collingwood

Canada, Ontario, Craigleith

Canada, Ontario, Credit Valley

Canada, Ontario, Dufferin

Canada, Ontario, Durham

Canada, Ontario, Dysart, Head Drag Lake

Canada, Ontario, Elgin, South Dorchester

Canada, Ontario, Elgin

Canada, Ontario, Essex

Canada, Ontario, Etobicoke Twp, Humbervale

Canada, Ontario, Etobicoke Twp

Canada, Ontario, Etobicoke, Willow Grove Cemetery

Canada, Ontario, Etobicoke

Canada, Ontario, Flesherton

Canada, Ontario, Fort Erie

Canada, Ontario, Frontenac County, Storrington Twp

Canada, Ontario, Frontenac, Keelerville

Canada, Ontario, Frontenac, Kingston

Canada, Ontario, Frontenac

Canada, Ontario, Grenville, Cardinal

Canada, Ontario, Grey (East/est), Euphrasia

Canada, Ontario, Grey (South/Sud), Artemesia

Canada, Ontario, Grey (South/Sud), Markdale (Village)

Canada, Ontario, Grey East, Artemesia Twp

Canada, Ontario, Grey East, Artemesia

Canada, Ontario, Grey East, Osprey

Canada, Ontario, Grey East

Canada, Ontario, Grey South, Artemesia

'canada', Ontario, Grey South, Artemesia

Canada, Ontario, Grey South, Artemesia

'canada', Ontario, Grey South, Artemesia

'canada', Ontario, Grey South, Glenelg

Canada, Ontario, Grey South

'canada', Ontario, Grey South

Canada, Ontario, Grey South

Canada, Ontario, Grey, Artemesia Township

Canada, Ontario, Grey, Artemesia

Canada, Ontario, Grey, Canadian Census/Osprey Twp

Canada, Ontario, Grey, Grey

Canada, Ontario, Grey, Markdale

Canada, Ontario, Grey, Osprey Township

Canada, Ontario, Grey, Osprey Twp

Canada, Ontario, Grey, Osprey

Canada, Ontario, Grey, Proten Station

Canada, Ontario, Grey

Canada, Ontario, Guilford

Canada, Ontario, Haldimond Co

Canada, Ontario, Haliburton, Dysart

Canada, Ontario, Haliburton, Gelert

Canada, Ontario, Haliburton, Haliburton Village

Canada, Ontario, Haliburton, Harburn

Canada, Ontario, Haliburton, Harcourt

Canada, Ontario, Haliburton, Maple Lake

Canada, Ontario, Haliburton

Canada, Ontario, Hamilton

Canada, Ontario, Harburn

Canada, Ontario, Harrowsmith

Canada, Ontario, Hastings West, Sydney

Canada, Ontario, Hastings, Stirling

Canada, Ontario, Hastings

Canada, Ontario, Holland Landing

Canada, Ontario, Horton Twp, Mud Lake

Canada, Ontario, Humberstone

Canada, Ontario, Huntsville

CANADA, Ontario, Huron, Clinton

Canada, Ontario, Indian River

Canada, Ontario, Iron Bridge

Canada, Ontario, Johnstown

Canada, Ontario, King

Canada, Ontario, Kingston

Canada, Ontario, Lanark

Canada, Ontario, Langton

Canada, Ontario, Leeds Co

Canada, Ontario, Leeds County, South Crosby Township

Canada, Ontario, Leeds County, South Crosby Twp

Canada, Ontario, Leeds South

Canada, Ontario, Leeds, Athens

Canada, Ontario, Leeds, Barrington

Canada, Ontario, Leeds, Briar Hill

Canada, Ontario, Leeds, Brockville

Canada, Ontario, Leeds, Delta

Canada, Ontario, Leeds, Elgin

Canada, Ontario, Leeds, Gananoque

Canada, Ontario, Leeds, Landsdowne

Canada, Ontario, Leeds, Landsowne

Canada, Ontario, Leeds, Lansdowne Twp

Canada, Ontario, Leeds, Lansdowne

Canada, Ontario, Leeds, Long Point

Canada, Ontario, Leeds, Lyndhurst

Canada, Ontario, Leeds, Morton

Canada, Ontario, Leeds, Sand Bay

Canada, Ontario, Leeds, Seeley's Bay

Canada, Ontario, Leeds, Sweets Corners

Canada, Ontario, Leeds

Canada, Ontario, Lyndhurst

Canada, Ontario, Manitoulin Island, Kagawong

Canada, Ontario, Manitoulin Island, Providence Bay

Canada, Ontario, Manitoulin Island, Spring Bay

Canada, Ontario, Manitoulin Island

Canada, Ontario, Manitoulin

Canada, Ontario, Manvers

Canada, Ontario, March Corner

Canada, Ontario, Mariposa Twp

Canada, Ontario, Markham

Canada, Ontario, Meaford

Canada, Ontario, Merrickville

Canada, Ontario, Middlesex

Canada, Ontario, Mindemoya

Canada, Ontario, Minden, Mountain Lake

Canada, Ontario, Muskoka, Stephenson Twp

Canada, Ontario, named as father in Mary Ann Cheavins marriage bond to John Smith/Peel

Canada, Ontario, New Liskard

Canada, Ontario, Newmarket

Canada, Ontario, Newton Robinson

Canada, Ontario, Nipissing, Walford

Canada, Ontario, Nipissing

Canada, Ontario, Norfolk Co, Walsingham Twp

Canada, Ontario, North Bay

Canada, Ontario, North Easthope, St Andrews Cemetery

Canada, Ontario, Northumberland East, Cramahe

Canada, Ontario, Northumberland East

Canada, Ontario, Northumberland, Codrington

Canada, Ontario, Northumberland, Cramathe

Canada, Ontario, Northumberland

Canada, Ontario, Orangeville

Canada, Ontario, Ottawa

Canada, Ontario, Owen Sound

Canada, Ontario, Peel, Albion, 2nd Con

Canada, Ontario, Peel, Albion, con 2, Lot 22

Canada, Ontario, Peel, Albion, con 2, William O. Cheavins listed as the freeholder/Lot 22

Canada, Ontario, Peel, Albion

Canada, Ontario, Peel, appearance of Chas. and Jas. Judge on the map at lots 22 & 23 west halves./Albion

Canada, Ontario, Peel, joined the Wesleyan Methodist Church/Albion

Canada, Ontario, Peel, listed as original patentee of west halves of lots 22 & 23./Albion

Canada, Ontario, Peterborough (East/est), Dudley and Dysart, Harcourt

Canada, Ontario, Peterborough East, Dudley and Dysart and Harcourt

Canada, Ontario, Peterborough East, Harcourt and Dudley and Dysart

Canada, Ontario, Peterborough

Canada, Ontario, Port Perry

Canada, Ontario, Portland

Canada, Ontario, Prescott

Canada, Ontario, Prince Edward Co, Hillier

Canada, Ontario, Prince Edward Co., Consecon

Canada, Ontario, Prince Edward Co., Trenton

Canada, Ontario, Prince Edward Co

Canada, Ontario, Renfrew City, Algoma

Canada, Ontario, Renfrew City, Bromley

Canada, Ontario, Renfrew Co., Horton Twp, Portage Du Fort

Canada, Ontario, Renfrew Co., Horton Twp

Canada, Ontario, Renfrew, Horton Twp

Canada, Ontario, Renfrew

Canada, Ontario, Richmond

Canada, Ontario, Sault Sainte Marie, Prince Tsp

Canada, Ontario, Sault Sainte Marie

Canada, Ontario, Sault Ste Marie, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

Canada, Ontario, Sault Ste Marie, Northwood Funeral Home

Canada, Ontario, Sault Ste Marie, Old Greenwood Cemetery

Canada, Ontario, Sault Ste Marie, O'Sullivan Donnelly Funeral Home, Memorial Chapel

Canada, Ontario, Sault Ste Marie, Plummer Hosp

Canada, Ontario, Sault Ste Marie, Simpson's Funeral Home

Canada, Ontario, Sault Ste Marie

Canada, Ontario, Sault Ste. Marie, 13 Laird Street

Canada, Ontario, Sault Ste. Marie, 401 Douglas Street

Canada, Ontario, Sault Ste. Marie, Lot 13), New Greenwood Cemetary (Rng 3

Canada, Ontario, Sault Ste. Marie, Lot 13), New Greenwood Cemetery (Rng 3

Canada, Ontario, Shakespeare

Canada, Ontario, Sidney

Canada, Ontario, Simcoe (South/Sud), Mulmur

Canada, Ontario, Simcoe North

Canada, Ontario, Simcoe

Canada, Ontario, Smith Falls

Canada, Ontario, Spanish

Canada, Ontario, Steelton

Canada, Ontario, Storemont Co., Finch Tsp

Canada, Ontario, Stratford

Canada, Ontario, Sudbury

Canada, Ontario, Sussex, Hastings

Canada, Ontario, swears that he witnessed the signing of a bond between John Smith & Andrew Nesbit/Toronto

Canada, Ontario, Tavistock

Canada, Ontario, Tecumseth Twp

Canada, Ontario, Thornhill, Holy Trinity Alnglican Church

Canada, Ontario, Toronto, Agincourt

Canada, Ontario, Toronto, Cathedral Church of St. James

Canada, Ontario, Toronto, Church of St. James

Canada, Ontario, Toronto, St James Anglican Church

Canada, Ontario, Toronto, St James Cathedral

Canada, Ontario, Toronto, Toronto General Hospital

Canada, Ontario, Toronto

Canada, Ontario, Trenton

Canada, Ontario, Uxbridge

Canada, Ontario, Vaughan Twp

Canada, Ontario, Victoria, Victoria

Canada, Ontario, Village Weston

Canada, Ontario, Wawa, P.M. Gilmartin Funeral Home

Canada, Ontario, Wawa, Woodland Cemetery

Canada, Ontario, Wawa

Canada, Ontario, Wawanosh

Canada, Ontario, Webbwood

Canada, Ontario, Welland, 138 Dorothy St

Canada, Ontario, Wellington, Mount Forest

Canada, Ontario, Wellington, Peel

Canada, Ontario, Wentworth, Hamilton

Canada, Ontario, Weston, Riverside Cemetery

Canada, Ontario, Weston, St Philip's Church

Canada, Ontario, Weston, St Phillips Church Cemetery

Canada, Ontario, Weston, St Phillips Church

Canada, Ontario, Weston, St. Phillips Church Cemetery

Canada, Ontario, Weston, St. Phillips Church

Canada, Ontario, Weston

Canada, Ontario, Westport

Canada, Ontario, Whitechurch

Canada, Ontario, Whitestone

Canada, Ontario, Windsor

Canada, Ontario, Woodbridge

Canada, Ontario, York Co

Canada, Ontario, York County, Vaughn Township

Canada, Ontario, York Mills, St Johns Anglican Cemetery

Canada, Ontario, York Twp, Emery

Canada, Ontario, York Twp, Rogers Road

Canada, Ontario, York, , Yonge St

Canada, Ontario, York, Etobicoke

Canada, Ontario, York, Kinttownship

Canada, Ontario, York, Markham

Canada, Ontario, York, Toronto

Canada, Ontario, York, York Township

Canada, Ontario, York

Canada, Ontario

Canada, Que., Montreal

Canada, Quebec, Alymer, St. Paul's Parish

Canada, Quebec, Aylmer

Canada, Quebec, Boucherville

Canada, Quebec, Chambly

Canada, Quebec, Champlain, Batiscan

Canada, Quebec, Contrecoeur

Canada, Quebec, Gatineau, Aylmer

Canada, Quebec, Hull

Canada, Quebec, La P�rade

Canada, Quebec, La Vall�e-du-Richelieu, McMasterville

Canada, Quebec, Laprairie

Canada, Quebec, Montmagny

Canada, Quebec, Montr�al

Canada, Quebec, Montreal, Grace Anglican Church

Canada, Quebec, Montreal, Mount Royal Cemetery

Canada, Quebec, Montreal, Rideau Memorial Gardens

Canada, Quebec, Montreal

Canada, Quebec, Ottawa

Canada, Quebec, Otterburn Heights

Canada, Quebec, Portneuf, Cap Sante

Canada, Quebec, Qu�bec

Canada, Quebec, Quebec

Canada, Quebec, Repentigny

Canada, Quebec, Sillery

Canada, Quebec, St. Sulpice

Canada, Quebec, Trois-Rivi�res

Canada, Quebec, Vercheres

Canada, Quebec, Wright, Aylmer (Town/Ville)

Canada, Saskatchewan, Davidson

Canada, Saskatchewan, Moose Jaw

Canada, Saskatchewan, Perley District

Canada, Saskatchewan, Prince Albert

Canada, Saskatchewan, Smeaton

Canada, Saskatchewan, Strasburg

Canada, Saskatchewan

Canada, Upper Canada (Ontario), Etobicoke, Humber

Canada, Waterloo, Cambridge, Mountview

Canada, Weston Village Ontario


Canda West

Carpenter, Farmer

Christian Science

con 2 (Thomas Mulloy), publicly declares Reformer status by signing a document/Lot 19, meeting with William Lyon Mackenzie

Con 2, Lot 100, Artemesia Township, Markdale Cemetery

copper miner/living with parents

Crosby Twp Leeds Ontario




during a blizzard


England ?, London

England to United States

England, Camborne

England, Camden Town

England, Cleveland

England, Cornwall, Budock

England, Cornwall, Calstock

England, Cornwall, Camborne

England, Cornwall, Crowan

England, Cornwall, Cury

England, Cornwall, Falmouth

England, Cornwall, Gwennap

England, Cornwall, Gwinear

England, Cornwall, Gwinnear

England, Cornwall, Hayle

England, Cornwall, Helston

England, Cornwall, Illogan

England, Cornwall, Kea

England, Cornwall, Launceston

England, Cornwall, Liskeard

England, Cornwall, Mawgan

England, Cornwall, Miner (when married)/Illogan

England, Cornwall, Morval

England, Cornwall, Mousehole

England, Cornwall, Padstow

England, Cornwall, Penponds

England, Cornwall, Penzance

England, Cornwall, Phillack

England, Cornwall, Redruth, Carnkiie

England, Cornwall, Redruth, Falmouth Rd

England, Cornwall, Redruth, Park Errissey

England, Cornwall, Redruth, Pool, Treloweth

England, Cornwall, Redruth, St Uny

England, Cornwall, Redruth, St. Euny

England, Cornwall, Redruth, Threestacks Bridge

England, Cornwall, Redruth, Treleigh, St. Stephens Church

England, Cornwall, Redruth

England, Cornwall, Rosudgeon

England, Cornwall, Sithney

England, Cornwall, St Cleer

England, Cornwall, St Hilary

England, Cornwall, St Ives

England, Cornwall, St Keverne

England, Cornwall, St Merryn

England, Cornwall, St. Keverne

England, Cornwall, Truro

England, Cornwall, Wendron

England, Cornwall

England, Cumberland, Penrith, St Andrews

England, Devon, Affeton

England, Devon, Afton

England, Devon, Awlington

England, Devon, Axminster

England, Devon, Barnstaple, East Stonehouse

England, Devon, Bideford

England, Devon, Broadword

England, Devon, Brodewood

England, Devon, Clovelly

England, Devon, Cockington

England, Devon, Cocktree

England, Devon, Cullompton

England, Devon, Hatherleigh

England, Devon, Heath

England, Devon, Holway Manor

England, Devon, Holway

England, Devon, Honeychurch

England, Devon, Honichurch

England, Devon, Kelley

England, Devon, Manor

England, Devon, Milton

England, Devon, Monkleigh

England, Devon, North Bovey

England, Devon, North Molton

England, Devon, North Wyke

England, Devon, Plymouth

England, Devon, Portledge

England, Devon, Prob

England, Devon, South Moulton

England, Devon, Southtawton

England, Devon

England, Dorset, Weymouth

England, Dorset

England, East Cleveland

England, Essex, Colchester

England, Forest of Dean

England, Gloucestershire, Acton

England, Gloucestershire, Tewkesbury

England, Hampshire, Ashley

England, Hampshire, Southampton

England, Hampshire

England, Hertfordshire, Watton at Stone

England, Hull Devon

England, Lancashire, Blackpool

England, Lancashire, Bolton

England, Lancashire, Bolton-Le Moore

England, Lancashire, le Moor, Bolton

England, Lancashire, Manchester

England, Lancaster, Barrow-in-Furness

England, Liverpool

England, London, Battersea

England, London, Fulham

England, London, Islington

England, London, Kennington

England, London, Kensington

England, London, Wandsworth

England, London

England, Middlesex, Hounslow

England, Middlesex, London

England, Norfolk, Moulton

England, Norfolk

England, North Yorkshire, Boulby or Skinningrove

England, North Yorkshire, Brotton Church

England, Nottinghamshire, Newark

England, Nottinghamshire

England, Oxford

England, Oxfordshire, Henley On Thames

England, Oxfordshire

England, Plymouth, Derriford Hospital

England, Plymouth, Mount Gould Hospital

England, Plymouth, Weston Mill Cemetery

England, Pool

England, Poole, Dorset

England, Redruth, Treleigh

England, Shropshire, Shrewsbury

England, Somerset, Bridgewater

England, Somerset, Bridgwater

England, Somerset, Bristol

England, Somerset, Castle Cary

England, Somerset, Drapery Shop man/Taunton St Mary

England, Somerset, Taunton, 3 Trinity St

England, Somerset, Taunton

England, Somerset, Travelling Draper/St James Within

England, Somerset, Uppercary

England, Somerset

England, Sumerset, West Monkton

England, Sussex

England, Truro, Royal Cornwall Hosp

England, Victoria

England, Warwickshire, Coleshill Heath

England, Westmoreland, Candal

England, Yelverton Manor

England, Yorkshire, Brotton

England, Yorkshire, Guisborough, Glaisdale

England, Yorkshire, Guisborough

England, Yorkshire, Middlesborough

England, Yorkshire, Skinningrove

England, Yorkshire



Erin (Near Orangeville)

Etobicoke Primitive Meth. Church

Fance, Aunis, La Rochelle

farmer's boy/

France, A, Brain/Allones

France, Alsace, Bas-Rhin, Nehwiller

France, C, Chalon

France, C, St. Jacques

France, Calais

France, L, Bouxieres

France, Midi-Pyrenees, Aveyron, Tournemire




Greenwood Cemetary Urn Garden

Greenwood Cemetary

Greenwood Cemetery

Grey Co. Ontario, Keppel Twp

Grey, Artemesia, Flesherton Cemetery

Harriston On


Home District

husbandman, Agricultural Laborer


IL, Will Co

Illinois, Cook, Calumet

Illinois, Cook, Chicago


Illogan Highway (newspaper obit), Chilli-Road


In Action

Indiana, Hammond

Indiana, Owen, Marion Twp



Ireland, Co. Tyrone

Ireland, Fermanaugh, Killshene

Ireland, Traler

Ireland, Tyrone, Dromore

Ireland, Tyrone


Island of Mull

Jefferson County


labourer/, coal porter, miner

Laity Moors near Redruth age 54


Machinist collar worker/

Manitoba, Winipeg

Markdale Cemetary


McMasterville Cemetery

Meadford ?

MI. Moshier Cemetery, Tuscola Co, Hemans

Michigan, Chippewa, Sault Sainte Marie Ward 1

Michigan, Chippewa, Sault Sainte Marie Ward 2

Michigan, Chippewa, Sault Ste. Marie city

Michigan, Detroit

Michigan, Lapeer, Burnside

Michigan, Saginaw

Michigan, Sanilac, Lamotte

Michigan, Sault Sainte Marie



Minnesota, Polk, East Grand Forks Ward 3

Minnesota, Polk, Grand Forks

Minnesota, Polk


Missouri, Vernon, Nevada Ward 5


MN, Duluth

Morristown New York



ND, Grand Forks

NE, Douglas county, Omaha

Near Towak

Nebraska, Chase, Wauneta

Nebraska, Seward, Precinct I

Nevada, Carson City

New York USA

New York, Jefferson

New York, New York

New York, Saint Lawrence, Gouverneur

New Zealand, Auckland

North East Coast of Scotland, County Aberdeenshire, Peterhead


Not on 1880 census

ON, Cambridge

ON, Dryden

ON, Dunnville

ON, Gobles

ON, Haliburton, Township of Dudley

ON, Havelock

ON, Manitoulin Island, Bidwell

ON, Meaford

ON, Oakville

ON, Ohsweken

ON, Sarnia

ON, Sault Ste Marie, Old Greenwood

ON, Sault Ste. Marie, F.J. Davey Home

ON, Sault Ste. Marie, Greenwood Cemetary

ON, Sault Ste. Marie, Trout Lake

ON, Walford

ON, Wiarton


Ont, Perry Sound Co., Sundridge

Ont, Trenton

Ont. Canada, Sault Ste Marie, Salvation Army Citadel

Ontairo, Mammainse

Ontario Canada, Haliburton, Dudley

Ontario Canada, Peel County, (Caledon)

Ontario, Algoma West

Ontario, Algoma

Ontario, Aylmer

Ontario, Bradford

Ontario, Ceylon

Ontario, Clark Twp

Ontario, Collingwood

Ontario, Dundalk

Ontario, Durham

Ontario, Elmvale

Ontario, Eugenian

Ontario, Flesherton

Ontario, Grey Co., Artemesia Tsp

Ontario, Grey Co., Artemesia Twp

Ontario, Grey Co., Artemesia, Flesherton

Ontario, Grey Co., Artemesia, Vandeleur

Ontario, Grey Co., East Mountain

Ontario, Grey Co., Euphrasia Twp

Ontario, Grey Co., Holland Twp

Ontario, Grey Co., Stone Settlement

Ontario, Grey Co

Ontario, Grey County, Artemesia Township

Ontario, Grey East

Ontario, Grey, Artemesia Twp, Flesherton

Ontario, Grey, Artemesia Twp

Ontario, Grey, Chatsworth

Ontario, Haliburton, Union Church

Ontario, Hastings, Stone Church Cemetary

Ontario, Holland Centre

Ontario, in Vandeleur, He is buried in Meaford Rd Cemetary

Ontario, Kilsyth

Ontario, London

Ontario, MacTier

Ontario, Manitoulin Island

Ontario, Markdale

Ontario, Markham

Ontario, Michepicoten Harbour

Ontario, Mount Pleasant

Ontario, Norfolk Co

Ontario, Ontario or Durham, Dundalk

Ontario, Orangeville

Ontario, Owen Sound

Ontario, Parry Sound, Kearney

Ontario, Parry Sound

Ontario, Peel Co., Albion Twp

Ontario, Peel County, Albion Township

Ontario, Peel County, Albion Twp, Markham

Ontario, Peel County, stayed behind and joined famly lster./Albion Township

Ontario, Peel, Caledon Twp, Brown's Wesleyan Cemetery

Ontario, Peel, Toronto, Cathedral Church/St. James

Ontario, Priceville

Ontario, Prince Edward Co, Ameliasburgh

Ontario, Princeville

Ontario, Red Bay

Ontario, Sault Ste Marie, Arthur Funeral Home

Ontario, Sault Ste Marie, New Greenwood Cemetary

Ontario, Sault Ste Marie, Pim St Community Church

Ontario, Sault Ste Marie, Plot 1), Lot 13, New Greenwood Cemetary (Rng 3

Ontario, Sault Ste Marie, Plot 2), Lot 13, New Greenwood Cemetary (Rng 3

Ontario, Sault Ste Marie, St. Gregoire

Ontario, Sault Ste Marie

Ontario, Sault Ste. Marie, General Hospital

Ontario, Simcoe, Nottawasaga

Ontario, St. Thomas

Ontario, Stowe

Ontario, Stratford

Ontario, Toronto, Church of St. James

Ontario, Tottenham

Ontario, Vandeleur

Ontario, Verona

Ontario, Wanstead

Ontario, Wellinton, Fergus

Ontario, Weston, St. Phillips Church Cemetery

Ontario, Weston, St. Phillips Church

Ontario, Weston

Ontario, Windsor, Heavenly Rest Cemetery

Ontario, York Co

Ontario, York


Oregon, Clackamas, Oregon City

Otterville Cemetery

Our Lady of Good Counsel (Catholic)

Owen Sound


Papua New Guinea, East New Britain, Rabaul

Parish of Longside County of Aberdeenshire Scotland

Parish of Old Mochan

Pennsylvania, Allegheny, North Versailles

Pennsylvania, Bedford, Quemahoning

Pennsylvania, Berks Co, , Caernarvon Twp, Pine Grove Cemetery

Pennsylvania, Berks Co, Elverson, Pine Grove Cemetery

Pennsylvania, Cabria, Conemaught

Pennsylvania, Somerset County

Pennsylvania, Somerset, Quemahoning


Port Findlay Cemetery


Poss Before 1880


probably before 1851

Prospect Cemetery



Quebec, Aylmer

Quebec, Fort St. Frederic

Quebec, IdM, St. Laurent

Quebec, IdO, St. Pierre

Quebec, IdO, Ste. Famille

Quebec, Il de Mtl, Montreal

Quebec, L, St. Vinc de Paul

Quebec, Laval, St. Martin

Quebec, M, L'Ange Gardien

Quebec, M, L'Arge Gardien

Quebec, Q, L'Ange Gardien

Quebec, Quebec, Ange Gardien

Quebec, Richelieu, St Ours

Quebec, St. Benoit

Quebec, St. Jerome

Quebec, Ste. Scholastique

Quebec, Verch, Beloeil

Quebec, Wright


raised in the Church of England/England

Riverside National Cemetary

Salvation Army

Sask, Ceylon

SASK, Moose Jaw

Saskatchewan, Lintlaw

Scotland, Aberdeen, Old Machar

Scotland, Aberdeenshire, Peterhead

Scotland, Argyleshire

Scotland, Dumfries, Lockerbie

Scotland, Edinborough

Scotland, Fife

Scotland, Isle of Skye, Portree

Scotland, Kirrimuir

Scotland, Midlothian, Edinburgh



South Africa, Free State, Bloemfontein

South Africa

South Australia, Adeliade

South Australia, Caltowie

South Australia

South Crosby Township


St Thomas On

St. Day

St. Ewe


Switzerland, Basel-Stadt, Basel-City

Switzerland, Canton Bern, Kurzenberg


Tasmania, Launceston

Tipperary Co

Toronto, 128 Jones Ave


United Kingdom, age 17 on vessel at Sark/Sark, boy 1st class

United Kingdom, Cornwall

United Kingdom, England, Cornwall, Breage

United Kingdom, England, Cornwall, Crowan

United Kingdom, England, Cornwall, Germoe

United Kingdom, England, Cornwall, Helston, Breage

United Kingdom, England, Cornwall, Helston, Sithney

United Kingdom, England, Cornwall, Helston

United Kingdom, England, Cornwall, Launceston, Altarnun

United Kingdom, England, Cornwall, Perranuthnoe

United Kingdom, England, Cornwall, St Erth

United Kingdom, England, Cornwall, St. Cleer

United Kingdom, England, Cornwall, Wendron

United Kingdom, England, Cornwall

United Kingdom, St Austell, Tregrehan, Riverside Cottage

United States of America

United States, Arkansas, Sebastian, Fort Smith

United States, California, Orange, Fullerton

United States, California

United States, Colorado, El Paso, Colorado Springs

United States, Indiana, Elkhart, Clinton

United States, Iowa, Cherokee, Pilot

United States, Iowa, Clinton, Camanche

United States, Michigan, Lapeer, Burnside

United States, Minnesota, Polk, Riddervold

United States, Missouri, Moniteau, Linn

United States, Nebraska, Seward, Pleasant Dale

United States, Nebraska, Seward, Precinct I

United States, Ohio, Holmes, German

United States, Pennsylvania, Bedford

United States, Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania

United States, Vermont, St Albans

United States, Washington, Pierce, Tacoma

United States


Upper Canada, Prince Edward, Ameliasburg

USA - 1902

USA, Arizona, Maricopa, Litchfield Park

USA, CA, Norwalk

USA, California, Grass Valley

USA, California, Los Angeles

USA, California, Riverside, Riverside

USA, California

USA, Connecticut, Fairfield, Stamford

USA, Connecticut

USA, Florida, Polk, Haines City

USA, Florida

USA, Georgia, Lawrencville

USA, Illinois, Chicago

USA, Illinois, Cook, Chicago

USA, Illinois, Cook, Elgin

USA, Illinois, Kankakee, Kankakee

USA, Illinois

USA, Indiana, Clay Co

USA, Indiana, Clay

USA, Indiana, Elkart

USA, Indiana, Elkhart County, Goshen (Elkhart County)

USA, Indiana, Elkhart

USA, Indiana, Lagrange

USA, Indiana, Miami

USA, Indiana, Owen Co

USA, Indiana, Owen, Marion Twp, Steubenville Cemetery

USA, Indiana, Owen

USA, Indiana, Owens

USA, Indiana

USA, Ironwood MI

USA, Maine, York, Markham

USA, Massachusettes, Delaware Bay, On Board Ship

USA, Massachusetts, Bristol, Dartmouth

USA, Massachusetts, Bristol, Taunton

USA, Massachusetts, Essex, Marblehead

USA, Massachusetts, Essex, Salem

USA, Massachusetts, Essex

USA, Massachusetts, Plymouth, Salem

USA, Massachusetts, Suffolk, Dorchester

USA, Massachusetts

USA, MI, Detriot

USA, Michigan, Cheboygan, Wilmot

USA, Michigan, Chippewa, Raber

USA, Michigan, Chippewa, Sault Sainte Marie

USA, Michigan, Detroit

USA, Michigan, Lapeer, Burnside

USA, Michigan, Lapeer, Goodland

USA, Michigan, Lapeer, Imlay City

USA, Michigan, Lapeer

USA, Michigan, Macomb, Armada

USA, Michigan, Macomb, Bruce

USA, Michigan, Macomb, Romeo

USA, Michigan, Macomb, Washington

USA, Michigan, Marquette, Negawnee

USA, Michigan, Marquette

USA, Michigan, Mecosta, Big Rapids

USA, Michigan, Menominee, Menominee

USA, Michigan, Oakland, Holly

USA, Michigan, Oakland, Pontiac

USA, Michigan, Oakland, Rochester

USA, Michigan, Oakland, Union Lake

USA, Michigan, Oakland, Waterford

USA, Michigan, Oakland, West Bloomfield

USA, Michigan, Sanilac, Decker

USA, Michigan, Sanilac, Flynn

USA, Michigan, Sanilac, Lamotte

USA, Michigan, Sanilac, Marlette

USA, Michigan, Sanilac, Sandusky

USA, Michigan, Sanilac

USA, Michigan, Sault Ste Marie

USA, Michigan, Three Oaks

USA, Michigan, Tuscola, Cass City

USA, Michigan, Tuscola, Hemans

USA, Michigan, Tuscola, Novesta

USA, Michigan, Wayne, Detroit

USA, Michigan

USA, Minnesota, Polk, Grand Forks

USA, Missouri, Nodaway, Independence

USA, Missouri, Vernon, Nevada

USA, MN, Cass Lake

USA, MN, East Grand Forks

USA, Montanna

USA, Nebraska

USA, New Jersey, Monmouth

USA, New Jersey, Passiaac

USA, New Jersey, Wharton

USA, New Jersey

USA, New York, Baldwinsville Onondaga

USA, New York, Brooklyn

USA, New York, Delaware, New Kingston

USA, New York, Duchess

USA, New York, Dutchess Co

USA, New York, Dutchess, Fishkill

USA, New York, Dutchess, Poughkeepsie

USA, New York, Dutchess

USA, New York, Erie, Buffalo

USA, New York, Erie, Tonawanda

USA, New York, Gravesend LI

USA, New York, Jefferson, Clayton

USA, New York, Jefferson

USA, New York, Livingston, Oyster Bay

USA, New York, Livingston, Suffolk

USA, New York, Nassau, 0yster Bay

USA, New York, Nassau, Hempstead

USA, New York, Nassau, Long Island

USA, New York, Nassau, Matinecock

USA, New York, Nassau, Oyster Bay

USA, New York, New York City

USA, New York, New York, New York

USA, New York, Onondaga, Baldwinsville

USA, New York, Ontario, Canandaigua

USA, New York, Orange

USA, New York, Oswego, Oswego

USA, New York, Queens, Gravesend

USA, New York, Queens, Long Island City

USA, New York, Queens, Oyster Bay

USA, New York, Ulster, Kingston

USA, New York, Wayne, Ontario Center

USA, New York, Wayne, Walworth

USA, New York, Westchester, White Plains

USA, New York

USA, North Carolina, Perquimans, Hertford

USA, North Dakota, Hettinger, New England

USA, NY, Buffalo

USA, OH, Chardon, All Souls Cemetary

USA, Ohio, Champaign Co

USA, Ohio, Cleveland

USA, Ohio, Cuyahoga, Cleveland

USA, Ohio, Cuyahoga, Lyndhurst

USA, Ohio, Holmes Co

USA, Ohio, Lake, Painesville

USA, Ohio

USA, Oregon

USA, Pennsylvania, Berks Co., Caernarvon Twp, Morgantown

USA, Pennsylvania, Berks Co., Caernarvon Twp

USA, Pennsylvania, Berks Co., Marion

USA, Pennsylvania, Berks Co., Stoneycreek

USA, Pennsylvania, Berks Co., Womelsdorf

USA, Pennsylvania, Berks Co

USA, Pennsylvania, Caernarvon, Family Farm Pine Grove Cemetery

USA, Pennsylvania, Cambria

USA, Pennsylvania, Chester Co

USA, Pennsylvania, Chester, Nottingham

USA, Pennsylvania, Davidsville, Jacob Stover Farm

USA, Pennsylvania, Johnstown

USA, Pennsylvania, Juniata Co

USA, Pennsylvania, Juniata, East Salem

USA, Pennsylvania, Lancaster Co

USA, Pennsylvania, Luzerne, Edwardsville

USA, Pennsylvania, Luzerne, Kingston

USA, Pennsylvania, Luzerne, Wilkes-Barre

USA, Pennsylvania, Mifflin Co., Brown Twp

USA, Pennsylvania, Mifflin Co

USA, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

USA, Pennsylvania, Somerset Co., Conemaugh Twp, Kauffman Cemetery

USA, Pennsylvania, Somerset Co

USA, Pennsylvania, Somerset County

USA, Pennsylvania

USA, Rhode Island, Newport, Portsmouth

USA, Rhode Island, Providence, Providence

USA, Tennessee, Knox, Knoxville

USA, Texas, Bexar, San Antonio

USA, Texas

USA, Vermont

USA, Virginia, Middlesex, Christchurch Parish

USA, Virginia, Middlesex, Christchurch

USA, Virginia, Middlesex, Middlesex

USA, Virginia, Middlesex

USA, Virginia, Middlesix

USA, Virginia, Spotsylvania, Spotsylvania

USA, Virginia

USA, Washington, Adams, Ritzville

USA, Wisconsin, Marinette, Marinette

USA, Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Milwaukee



Vancouver Area


Victoria, Bendigo, Wella

Wales, Glamorgan, Pentrych

Wales, Glamorgan

Wales, Mid Glamorgan


Washington, Shelton

Wesleyan Methodist

West Back Line?

Weston, St Phillips Church Cemetery



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